I have taken the written test twice. Failed both times. It doesn't have much to do with interpreting experience . It's more about linguistic rules.It is difficult because many times these are not rules you consciously think about. When we speak English we are not thinking consciously about subject verb agreement. Similarly with signing I am not thinking,I am using a transative verb now.................But you will be asked to identify verbs,register..... semantics............. ETC.

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I am preparing to take the NIC Written for the first time. Colleagues have suggested that Patrie's "So You Want to be an Interpreter?", and "Reading Between the Signs", (a book that I have checked out from the library) to be excellent resources. I wish you the best of luck! This is a tough and demanding time.
I just took the exam and was 7 points shy from passing:(
Have you read the recommended materials? Since you know the kind of questions that are on the exam now, you know which of the recommended materials to study - especially since you should have your results to base it off of.

I read or reviewed most of the recommended materials and had no problem passing.
I did order the kit from RID. Is there any other sources? I also, have my books from school, such as the American Sign Language Linguistic book (ASL structure), Green book; American Sign Language Teacher's Resource text on grammar and culture, and other various handouts from workshops related to NIC. I was 7 points shy, my lowest score says, task#9 A Task 9A
Use ASL proficiently within expressive interpreting tasks, including choice of sign
vocabulary, use of sign modification to show variation in meaning and grammatical
function, and appropriate use of space, facial expression, and body movement. Knowledge of:
1. Phonemic structure
2. Morphologic structure (e.g., semantics)
3. Syntax
4. Functional pragmatics (e.g., how settings alter the pragmatic function and form of
5. Volume of lexicon (size of lexicon)
6. Role and function of fingerspelling7. Sentence boundaries
8. Linguistic structure and principles of English, American Sign Language (and other
languages) used during the interpretation
9. Appropriate sign choice
Skill in:
1. Using appropriate registers
2. Sign articulation (phonologic parameters)
3. Fingerspelling and numerical incorporation
4. ASL derivational (morphologic) marking (verb/noun)
5. Appropriate use of non-manual markers (e.g., grammatical, adverbial/adjectival)
6. Using signing space (e.g., referencing, size related to audience, verb agreement)
7. Using the classifier system
8. Using fingerspelling
9. Incorporating affect
10. Using discourse boundaries (phrasing)
11. Using inflective morphology (nuances of meaning)
12. Recognizing sentence boundaries
13. Inflection/intonation
14. Explaining to all parties, if communication breaks down due to language, why the
breakdown occurred
15. Articulating the linguistic structure and principles of English, American Sign Language
(and other languages) used during interpretation
16. Selecting sign vocabulary precisely
17. Modulation of signs depending on meaning
18. Using space appropriately
19. Use of fluid expression
20. Appropriate mouthing for English lexicalization
21. Integrating the consumer’s lexical preference for terminology when expressed. (RID.org) my source
So, how does that work...if you don't pass, do you have to pay the price again? Or does the cost include a re-test?

Also, I bought from RID the written study guide. How accurate is the representation of questions from the actual test? I took the test in the study guide and got an 82% average. Is that good enough to pass the actual test (in your opinion)?
I would HIGHLY recommend the practice test as good source to study from. I was 7 points shy, the low score was in the task 9 as I posted above this thread.

As for the retake price, its $190 for the computer version and $125 pen and pencil , please make sure the pen and pencil version is offered in your area if you decide that route.

I need to wait 3 months from the time I took the exam to retake, I still have to review and study. I wish you the best in taking the test Jennifer.
There are some online review courses through, I think, the Do-It Center in Colorado and The Leadership Institute(founded by Amie Seiberlich). There are also some people who do individual tutoring. I live in Camarillo, CA and will tutor people in this area, either for a fee, or for trade.

Hi Beth, I hope you get this message. I also live in Camarillo, CA and wondered if you'd be available to meet? I've passed the NIC written, and will be taking the NIC Performance at the end of Oct. I've worked in the field in elementary, high school, doctor's appointments, community meetings, tours, conferences, and more. My email address is caroleanne7@yahoo.com. Thank you, Carole

go to www.studystack.com . Upper righthand corner type in NIC. There is various tools to assist you. Mind you, it's not comprehensive, but it will help.
Gallaudet University also offers a week long NIC written prep course, taught by Carol Tipton. The following week the interview/ performance class is offered. I did not take the NIC written prep course, but I thought the interview/ performance class was fantastic.

There are also some workshops focused on the NIC written- trying searching NIC on the workshop page of the RID website.

If you know other people who want to take the test, maybe you could set-up a study group. A lot of libraries will allow you to reserve a room at no charge for free events that are opened to the public. RID's recommended reading list is a tad intimidating, but if you had a study group, then different people can focus on different texts and share the highlights with the group.
Nervous as heck. Too expensive to fail!
I took the RID written exam in March. I didn't pass. I'm re-taking it in June or july and I am terrified to take it again.



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